if you don’t
catch her
lookin at you sometime

like she wanna
just grab you
& eat you up

she don’t
if you do
she do

George Barlow

“…and blue you there still
accepts me foolish and free
all I want is a room up there
and you in it
and even the traffic halt so thick is a way
for people to rub up against each other…”
— Frank O’Hara in “Steps



Seismologists keep mistaking our heartbeats for earthquakes
and smokers’ hands quiver like San Francisco.

When the world cries out in ecstasy and shudders,
hundreds of people die, but do we ever think to mourn
our lovemaking

“This mouth had kissed me so much, it had worn its own grooves into my teeth.”
— Michelle Tea in Valencia


“I can not help it that my favorite books are about girls and women that make horrible life choices” -Michelle Tea 

photo by Julie Michelle of Michelle Tea at my favorite San Francisco Mission book store Adobe Books


i lost the poem
i woke up with.
it was dangerous
something beautiful
about victory
and danger
i woke up with it
spilling into the white
of your room the fat brown towers
of boxes
packed tight
with your whole

the beautiful poem
slipped away
and there you were
your magnificent

inside the night
i bit you.
am i compelled
to act like such a shit
around you, i mean,
i like you
a lot.
you kick my ass
with your eyes,
every glance,
i’m struck
yet i can’t
chewing your arm
like the excitable puppy
i become
in your presence.

i must confess
i live
for this exquisite
rushing like coffee
through all my body’s
the luxury
of your hands
at my throat
before sleep.

lucky me,
i get to fall
to sleep
the sun. there she is,
sleeping darkly
like the cat
on the chair,
like she commands
in the light.

this girl
is a meal
am i making
that clear
a crescendo
of sleep
keeping me awake
and biting.

Michelle Tea (from "The Beautiful")